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Frequently Requested Information

Address Klein Buendel, Inc.
1667 Cole Blvd., Suite 225
Golden, CO 80401-3313
(303) 565-4321 (Main)
(303) 565-4320 (Main Fax)
Type of organization Women-owned small business health communication, research and multimedia production
Date established 2002
Congressional District CO-007
Cognizant Federal Agency Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Acquisition Management and Policy
Tony Sultzer
(301) 496-2444
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement and date Most recent agreement dated 07/07/2015
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement 2015
A-133 Audit Report & Date Year ending December 31, 2016
A-133 Audit Report
Make checks payable to: Klein Buendel, Inc.
Human Subjects Assurance Number 00003715
IRB Registration Number Western Institutional Review Board
Number IRB00000533
Quorum Institutional Review Board
Number IRB00003226
DUNS Number 117936042
Authorized Organizational Representative / Signatory Official (grants and proposals) Mary K. Buller
Authorized officials to negotiate contracts Mary K. Buller
Pre-award contact Miranda Reilly
Compliance / Human Subjects contact Laura McLaughlin
Post-award  / Financial contact Pamela Stevens
Where to send contracts Pamela Stevens
Resource sharing / research resources contact Mary K. Buller
Invoicing contact Pamela Stevens
Copyright / Use of materials contact Mary K. Buller
Publications contact Alishia Graham