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Multimedia Development

KB has an experienced full service development team that understands the unique needs that researchers have when developing and implementing technology-based interventions. We have the expertise to develop both the rich media intervention components that participants interact with and study management systems needed to complete a successful intervention.

  • Web design, development and hosting
  • Mobile and tablet application design and development
  • Web and mobile programming (ASP, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • User experience design
  • Video and audio production
  • Flash and HTML5 game development
  • 3-D animation
  • Online and mobile training modules
  • Webinars/ online seminars
  • Reactive content tailoring based on user history
  • Cloud based study recruitment and data management systems
  • Database development and integration
  • Survey development, deployment and management
  • Accessibility evaluation and implementation
  • Poster design and printing
  • Print and graphic design services
  • Technology consulting
  • Usability testing for print and web