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About Us

Klein Buendel is a small woman-owned health communication and technology firm founded in 2002 and located in Golden, CO. We specialize in the research and development of programs to change behavior and educate communities about health promotion and disease prevention. Our team includes research scientists with expertise in health communication and behavioral interventions who collaborate with our creative technology team to develop effective health programs and products.

In May 2018, Klein Buendel was a proud co-sponsor of the 4TH International Conference on UV and Skin Cancer Prevention along with Ryerson University and the Canadian Dermatology Association. The conference was held in Toronto, Canada.

Leadership Team

  • Mary Buller
    Mary Buller, MA

    Owner & President

    Mary Buller is the Owner and President of Klein Buendel, a health communication research company founded in 2002 in Golden, Colorado. Her career started at the University of Arizona's Arizona Cancer Center as a chemoprevention research coordinator, where she was introduced to the rising rates of skin cancer and began a lifelong passion for skin cancer prevention. In 1997, Mary moved to Colorado to join the AMC Cancer Research Center's Partners for Health Systems (PHS) organization, eventually becoming its President. While at PHS, Mary was awarded her first large NIH-funded research project to create a series of computer-based programs to teach elementary school children how to be safe in the sun. Since then, she has been the Principal Investigator on several NIH- and CDC-funded projects. Much of her research has been in skin cancer prevention and nutrition education. She is the creator of the Sunny Days Health Ways curriculum and Real Health Photos. In 2006, Klein Buendel received the SBIR Tibbets Award for excellence in research from the U.S. Small Business Administration for Mary's sun safety research in schools. In 2016, Mary was honored with an Outstanding Alumni Award from Michigan State University. She is currently leading an occupational sun safety project funded by the National Cancer Institute that addresses skin cancer prevention for outdoor workers of all skin types.

  • David Buller
    David Buller, PhD

    Director of Research

    Dr. David Buller is a Senior Scientist and Director of Research at Klein Buendel. After earning his PhD from Michigan State University, he was hired as an Assistant Professor for Texas Tech University's Department of Speech Communication. In 1986, he joined the faculty in the Department of Communication at the University of Arizona where he was promoted from Assistant to Associate to Professor of Communication. In 1997, he moved to Colorado to become a Senior Scientist at AMC Cancer Research Center (1997-2002) and later the Harold Simmons Senior Scientist for Health Communication at the Cooper Institute (2002-2005). Dave joined Klein Buendel in 2005. Dave's health communication research focuses on occupational, school, and community interventions to increase sun protection, market-place efforts to control access to alcohol and cannabis, and strategies to improve dietary behavior and physical activity and reduce the use of tobacco and alcohol, using interpersonal, media, and technology-based interventions.

  • Barbara Walkosz
    Barbara Walkosz, PhD

    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Barbara Walkosz is a Senior Scientist at Klein Buendel. Prior to joining Klein Buendel, Barb was a Professor of Communication and the Associate Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver. She began teaching at the University in 1997 and retired in December 2010 as Professor Emerita. While Barb's main focus is skin cancer prevention, her scholarship also focuses on health communication and education, social marketing, media literacy and civility. Barb received her PhD from the University of Arizona and her Master's degree from the University of Colorado Denver.

  • Gill Woodall
    W. Gill Woodall, PhD

    Senior Scientist

    Dr. Gill Woodall is a Senior Scientist at Klein Buendel, as well as an active Emeritus Professor of Communication and Senior Research Scientist in the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions at the University of New Mexico. He is an experienced NIH Principal Investigator, having served as a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on multiple major NIH-funded grant projects in the areas of drunk driving prevention, Internet-based approaches to dietary improvement among minority rural adults, reduction of tobacco uptake among adolescents, reduction of risky alcohol consumption among college students, the development of web-based responsible beverage service training in both on- and off-site alcohol premises, the prevention of drug use, sexual debut and sexually-transmitted disease among adolescents, the increased adoption of HPV vaccine among early adolescent females and males, and web-based responsible marijuana vendor training. Gill has served as a reviewer for the NIH Center for Scientific Review as a study section member and ad-hoc reviewer for 20 years. He has served on the New Mexico Governor’s DWI Leadership Task Force. He has also published extensively in the area of nonverbal communication and is a co-author of a book on nonverbal communication.

  • Erwin Bettinghaus
    Erwin Bettinghaus, PhD

    Senior Scientist

    Former Dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State university, Dr. Erwin P. Bettinghaus has been teaching and conducting research in communication since the early 1950’s. With a central interest in health communication and cancer, he has served on a number of federal advisory committees, including a Presidential appointment to the National Cancer Advisory Board. His research interests include the use of the media in changing behavior and the design and testing of persuasive messages. Erv has a special concern with reducing tobacco use around the world.

  • Julia Berteletti
    Julia Berteletti, MSW

    Research Program Manager

    Julia Berteletti is a Research Associate at Klein Buendel where she serves as an Investigator on NIH-funded projects and leader of the research staff. She assists the research, creative, and data teams with production planning, instructional design integration, and general research administration. Julia has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Social Work degree from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research interests include skin cancer prevention and physical activity, social media, and developing user-centered interventions for health promotion.

  • Kayla Nuss
    Kayla Nuss, PhD


    Dr. Kayla Nuss is a scientist at Klein Buendel. Prior to coming to KB, she was a post-doctoral researcher with the Digital Health Lab at the University of Victoria in Victoria, B.C investigating predictors of return to exercise in Canadian adults post-Covid-19, and day level motivation for exercise in current and former wearable activity tracker users. Her research interests include motivation for physical activity and its intersection with wearable technology. She completed her BA in Psychology at Cornell College, an MA in counseling from the University of Iowa, an MS in Health and Exercise Science and a Phd In Bioenergetics at Colorado State University.

  • Steve Fullmer
    Steve Fullmer

    Creative Director

    Steve Fullmer received a Fine Arts degree from Baylor University with a concentration in Graphic Design. Steve has been with Klein Buendel since its inception in 2002 as a designer, graphic design manager, and now director of the creative team and IT department. Before joining Klein Buendel, he worked as a graphic designer at the AMC Cancer Research Center and in the offset printing industry doing computer graphics and production work.

Job Opportunities

If you are interested in a position, please submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to


  • Senior Developer

    Lead the creation of educational technologies, apps, and online trainings within a team environment, including front-end development, UI/UIX design & development, web design, and simple game development. Set up and manage streaming and/or progressive video delivery systems as well as compress video with Adobe Media Encoder or other tools. Collaborate with in-house scientists, technology team members, project coordinators, outside clients, and contractors for essential elements (e.g., illustration).

    Salary ranges from $110,000 to $115,000

    More Info...

Frequently Requested Information

Address Klein Buendel, Inc.
1667 Cole Blvd., Suite 220
Golden, CO 80401-3301
(303) 565-4321 (Main)
(303) 565-4320 (Main Fax)
Type of organization Women-owned small business health communication, research and multimedia production
Date established 2002
Congressional District CO-007
Cognizant Federal Agency Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Acquisition Management and Policy
Tony Sultzer
(301) 496-2444
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement and date Most recent agreement dated 04/26/2022
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement 2022
A-133 Audit Report & Date Year ending December 31, 2021
A-133 Audit Report
Make checks payable to: Klein Buendel, Inc.
Human Subjects Assurance Number 00003715
IRB Registration Number Western Institutional Review Board
Number IRB00000533
Quorum Institutional Review Board
Number IRB00003226
DUNS Number 117936042
Authorized Organizational Representative / Signatory Official (grants and proposals) Mary K. Buller
Authorized officials to negotiate contracts Mary K. Buller
Pre-award contact Miranda Reilly
Compliance / Human Subjects contact Laura McLaughlin
Post-award  / Financial contact Sara Freyta
Where to send contracts Laura McLaughlin
Resource sharing / research resources contact Mary K. Buller
Invoicing contact Purchasing Department
Copyright / Use of materials contact Mary K. Buller
Publications contact Alishia Kinsey
Media contact Alishia Kinsey
Spanish Enquiries (Preguntas en Español) Lila Martinez

Financial Conflict of Interest

Klein Buendel, Inc. is committed to ensuring the integrity of the research process and maintaining the public trust and that of sponsors in the integrity and credibility of its staff and its research programs. Thus, Klein Buendel must ensure that there is a reasonable expectation that research results are not biased by any external commitments and financial conflicts of interest. The principles and procedures of this policy assure that research personnel will report their external commitments and financial interests in a timely manner and that real and apparent financial conflicts of interest will be identified and responsibly managed. This policy promotes compliance with applicable federal laws, regulations, and policies regarding financial conflicts of interest. This information is current as of 3/06/2018 and is subject to updates on an annual basis and within 60 days of the identification of a new Financial Conflict of Interest.

Download Klein Buendel's Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Recent Clients and Collaborators

We collaborate with leading scientists and research institutions, including:

  • Cancer Council Victoria

  • Hilton Publishing Company

  • Pennington Biomedical Research Center

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • University of New Mexico

  • East Tennessee State University

  • Claremont Graduate University

  • University of Texas at El Paso

Contact Info/Map and Address

  • Mailing Address:

    Klein Buendel
    1667 Cole Blvd.
    Suite No. 220
    Golden, Colorado 80401

    Main Phone: 303.565.4321
    Fax: 303.565.4320
    For Grants and Contracts related issues please email: grantsandcontracts@kleinbuendel.com
    For all other information, please email:info@kleinbuendel.com

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